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PE Grant

This year the Physical Education grant has been used to buy a new trampoline and provide quality rebound training for a number of our staff.


Rebound therapy has huge advantages for students with complex difficulties. It is used to facilitate movement and promote balance and posture. It can improve body awareness and sensory integration, promote relaxation and develop an increase or decrease in muscle tone. Even if students are only able to make small independent movements spending some time on the trampoline can exaggerate those movements. Rebound therapy can also improve communication, eye contact and vocalisation and it is this area that has had the most impact on our youngsters to date. All of the advantages of rebound contribute to the motivation of our students and helps to embed a sense of achievement.


We now have twenty members of staff, spread across the school, that have been trained in delivering rebound therapy. Due to the acquisition of a new trampoline and the volume of staff now trained we are now in a position to have rebound sessions as a permanent weekly fixture in our timetable allowing more students the chance to access it.