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Upcoming Events

Tallships experience: 

Each year one student has the opportunity to take up the experience of a lifetime and sail on a fully adapted sailing boat with The Jubilee Sailing Trust. This year Thomas Jugg supported by Mr Fowler will set sail on the 7th July and will sail form the port of Southampton all the way up the east coast to Sunderland. This adventure is likely to take them around a week- we look forward to seeing all of the pictures and hearing from Thomas about the experience he has had!


DofE Camps:

Camping season is currently underway and the students are in the final stages of either their practice/ qualifying expeditions in their respective levels of Bronze, Silver and Gold.  We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing of their results.


School Prom:

The prom committee have been busy meeting for some time now and have decided this year that the Prom will be held on Thursday 12th July around the theme ‘Vintage Hollywood’. Guest entertainment and treats galore will be available on what we are sure will be a fantastic night to remember- again we look forward to seeing the many pictures of all the students.


College transitions:

College transitions are well under way with the majority of our Year 14 leavers attending an afternoon a week at their Post 19 educational provision choice, where they see their future educational needs being met. This transition allows our students to not only familiarise themselves with what college life post St Francis is really like but allows them to get to grips with new staff and facilities that they shall be using. The main transitional providers we use are Lincoln College, Grantham College, Boston College, Linkage College and Hill Holt Wood.