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Upper School

Upper school encompasses years 11 to14. Within Post 16/Upper School there are five tutor groups composed of mixed year students. Students enter Post 16 either from within St Francis School or from other educational providers. The focus is to ensure all students are supported in becoming as independent and self-reliant as possible in preparation for moving on to adulthood and the challenges it poses on leaving St Francis School. The curriculum involves, Tutor time, Functional Skills, Personal and Social Development, Work Experience where appropriate and Vocational Work-based learning opportunities for skills to be developed. Post 16 through its curriculum has the ability to offer a diverse and engaging Study programme that meets the needs of all individuals before they progress onto the next stage of their personal intended destination weather this be Post 19 education or onto some form of social care provision. These different options allow our students to experience a variety of vocational experiences that gives them a sense of what they would like to do, to support them on their path towards their destination, underpinned by the acquisition of essential life skills. Educational visits and guest speakers play an integral part to the ethos and philosophy. External accreditation is gained where appropriate from various examination boards ranging from St Francis Stages to Level 2.

Students demonstrate, by their active involvement in all lessons and other activities, a strongly developing self confidence that empowers them to take the initiative and also to work constructively and collaboratively with others. They learn well how to deal with change and to be creative in their thinking, bold enough to take well-judged risks, and rational in their decision making. The school grounds and the use of the local and wider environment and community partnerships enhance the curriculum for all students.