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Rotational boarding is offered to all young people as they move up through school into Upper School. The residential area is open during school term time and pupils stay for two nights a week. Boarding at school is always in great demand. Pupils go on a waiting list when parents and pupil have expressed an interest in this opportunity. Boarding is also available to young people who travel a great distance from the age of 12 upwards. This boarding is regular for two nights a week and forms part of the EHCP. A questionnaire called “About Me” is given to each young person before they join the Residential Area. This is for the young person to complete with the help of their parents/guardians. All of the information received is built into a personal care plan enabling Residential Care Officers to gain as much knowledge of the young person before they start. Helping the young person who is to become a boarder feel more at home within their new setting and allowing a care plan to be put together to ensure all the care needs of the young person are met appropriately. The residential area is inspected on an annual basis by Ofsted inspector/s against the National Minimum Standards for Residential Special Schools and if your son / daughter is boarding at this time both yourself and your son / daughter may receive a questionnaire or a phone call from the inspecting body about their stay. Our Ofsted inspection reports for the Residential area and school can be viewed online at www.ofsted.gov.uk. The last residential inspection was in February 2018 and the outcome was, ‘Outstanding’