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Staffing Structure

The Principle Residential Care Officer oversees the smooth running of the Residential area of which there are eleven Residential Care Officers covering various shifts. Each pupil will have a residential care officer as their Key worker.

Up to twelve pupils stay over each night with the numbers dependent on the level of care needs of each individual young person.  A nurse is available in the evening and there is an awake U.L.H.T. nurse on duty each night along with an awake Residential Care Officer. All the residential care staff have a wide range of skills, experience and qualifications to meet the needs of the young people and have ongoing updates to match pupils needs who come to board. Residential Care Officers work together as a team to ensure the pupils stay safe, happy and build on their skills through the 24 hour curriculum.




Principal Residential Care Officer     Mrs Lorraine Small (Mon-Fri)


Lead Residential Care Officer             Mrs Donella Wilson (Mon – Friday split shifts)


Residential Care Officers                       

                                                            Miss Sally Hancock (Mon – Friday split shifts)

                                                            Mrs Julie Melcher (Mon-Tues &Thurs pm shifts)

                                                            Miss Kelly Davies (am only)

                                                            Mrs Mandy Brinded (Mon – Thursday p.m. shifts)

                                                            Miss Jayne Scott (Mon – Thursday p.m. shifts)                                                                              

                                                            Mrs Pauline moulds (am only)

                                                            Gail Whelan (am only)

                                                            Jasmin Middlemiss (Wednesday p.m.)

                                                            Mr Sam McCardell (am only)


Awake Residential Care Officers        Mrs Carole O’Hara (Tues-Thursday)

                                                           Mrs Alison Tymkin (Monday/Tuesday)

                                                           Mrs Rachel McCardell (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday p.m.)                               

Lincoln District Health Team Nurses          


Day Time                                              Mrs Julie Smith

                                                            Miss Hannah Dawson

                                                            Mrs Jo Challice


Awake Nurses                                       Mrs Julie Harper (two nights)

(One nurse on duty each night)              Miss Sarah Butcher (two nights)