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Termly Themes

In Middle School, we use termly themes to support a rich and exciting curriculum. All classes follow the same theme but this is adapted to meet the varying needs of the pupils within each class.

The termly theme is posed as a broad learning question with a focus on a specific subject area. This question is pulled apart and used to add layers of depth to all subjects within each curriculum pathway.


2017/18 Learning Questions

Term Subject Learning Question
Autumn              RE What shall we celebrate?
Spring Geography and Science

How deep is the ocean?

How high is the sky?

Summer PE and Movement

What can I see at the bottom of the garden? What can I hear rustling in the jungle? Do you want to explore with me?


Each term we come together to share in a theme day based on the learning question of the term. This gives us the opportunity to experience the subject in more depth and share our learning with the whole of Middle School. We all join in with the round robin of activities including art, music, drama, cooking and a themed sensory room experience.


Click on each day below to view photos! 


Geography day 

Spring party day

History day 


 Up and coming…not one, but two Science days! We will be welcoming Sublime Science (straight from Dragons’ Den) and the Explorer Dome will be presenting their Space and Rockets show.