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PD Outreach


We offer….. Support to Lincolnshire Primary, Secondary and Special Schools who are seeking to include pupils with physical disabilities. This includes pupils in transition at each stage. Our Outreach team has a wealth of experience in teaching and supporting pupils with physical disabilities. Liaising with NHS Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language Services, we offer support, advise and associated training in the assessment of needs and provision. For more information, please see leaflet below.


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Contact Us

Mandi Baptist
Email: Mandi.Baptist@st-francis.lincs.sch.uk 

  • Moving & Handling
  • Care Needs Specialist
  • Parental Support


Becky Houtby
Email: Becky.Houtby@st-francis.lincs.sch.uk 

  • Early Years
  • AAC
  • Assistive Technology


Carla Nicholson              
Email: Carla.Nicholson@st-francis.lincs.sch.uk

  • Assistive Technology
  • Curriculum Support