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Staff & Governors


       An outstanding team of caring and creative staff support the young people throughout the school.  Here you will find the area leaders:


                                                                                                Mrs Ann Hoffmann

                                                                                                  Head Teacher


                                                                                               Mrs Helen Todd  

                                                                                            Deputy Head Teacher


               Mrs Barbara Cooke                                                      Miss Kelly Hall                                                       Mr Nick Wray

    Assistant Head Teacher Lower School                   Assistant Head Teacher Middle School                    Assistant Head Teacher Upper School              



               Mrs Rosie Bavin                                                           Mrs Sue Hunt                                                    Mrs Lyndsey Dixon

Senior Teaching Assistant – Lower School              Senior Teaching Assistant – Middle School            Senior Teaching Assistant – Upper School



                                                                  Mrs Jo McGough                                                Mrs Lorraine Small

                                                                    Administrator                                       Principal Care Officer - Residential 



                                                               Mr Matthew Hulme                                          Mrs Deborah Williamson

                                                                   Site Manager                                                             Cook 



            Mrs Mandi Baptist                                                        Mr Nigel Sisley                                              Mrs Susan Eglington

             Outreach Service                                                      Chair of Governors                                           Clerk to Governors