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Sports Relief 2016

Sport Relief 2016


This year our Year 11 students were at the forefront for the organisation of this year’s events. As a class they discussed different ideas that could be done in school to help make others aware of the charity and ensuring all of our students were able to take part in inclusive activities that were fun and exciting to do. They created fantastic posters to promote the event which ensured all were aware of the 'Dress as a sportsperson for the day'.

This year’s events included:

  • Golf
  • Table Cricket which Lincolnshire County Cricket came into lead their activity
  • Dance/fitness session
  • Rebound Therapy
  • Cake sale which staff and students from Year 11 worked hard to bake and decorate
  • Accessible bikes
  • 12 hour bike-a-thon

12 Hour Bike-a-thon


Our 12 hour bike-a-thon started at 9:30am and finished at 9:30pm. Throughout the day over 60 people took part in the event to ensure all 3 fitness bikes were running. We even managed to keep 3 bikes going outside when a fire drill took place in the evening. With support from Governor's, Senior Management, Family members, Residential, Lincolnshire County Cricket, Staff and Students were able to cover a total of over 430 miles. (Lincoln to Paris is 428 miles!!) A fantastic job by all involved and as ever everyone had a great time! 



Well done and thank you to everyone!